Month: August 2020

How it all began

Hey everyone, it’s official! Season 1 is live and we are ready to dive in with episode 1. If you’ve been following me prior to the show launch, I’m sure you’ve learned what this show is all about. Just in case if you’re brand new, I’m your host Taylor Daniele, here to share my journey […]

The Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

We’re back with episode 2! I’m excited to dive in and share some insights as we learn and grow together. In this first season we’re going to start with the basics. I mean the very basics. I’ll share some key things to better understand it, stats, symptoms and my personal experience with all of it.  […]

Lets talk drugs!

In this episode we’re talking about drugs. Not the recreational ones but the basic medication that most diabetics are given when you’re newly diagnosed. Metformin is very common amongst pre-diabetics and those diagnosed with type 2. But what is it exactly? How does it make you feel? Side effects?  We’ll talk through all of this […]

More about your new favorite drug

Welcome back to another episode! In this episode, I wanted to kind of piggyback on the last one where we learned about what Metformin is, how it works with your body, and some of the side effects you can expect with it. Something that I wanted to include in our learnings about Metformin is timing.  […]

Simple things every diabetic needs

Today I wanted to go over some things that every diabetic needs or could use on a day to day basis. Although this is catered to type 2 folks, a lot of these can apply to type 1 as well!  These are items that all of us should keep on your person. Most of them […]

Managing Blood Sugar

In this episode, I want to talk about something that’s for everybody. Honestly, I know that this podcast is mostly circled around type two diabetics and our community and how we can help each other.  But in this episode, I wanted to talk about a universal theme that can benefit literally anybody and that is […]

The strive for 6.5

Let’s talk numbers. In this episode I share my A1C levels from diagnosis to now. It’s definitely a roller coaster but I wanted to be transparent on where I started and where I am now. Nothing major just data. KEY POINTS From 2015 to 2020  I share my A1C percentage as well as my average glucose […]

Switching things up

Ok so you’ve heard the basics but what about perspective? For the remaining episodes you’ll get just that. Listen to me interview close friends and family as well as some unscripted behind the scenes solos from me. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn – –

Cara The Great Full Girl

In this episode I sit down and chat with one of my best friends who also happens to be an amazing Vegan Influencer. Together we discuss the challenges of transitioning from one lifestyle to another. Diabetic or not, everyone has struggles with transition. From access to the right foods, to family and friends.  Learn more […]

You’re Not Alone

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