Month: November 2020

Keto with Nakevia

It’s time for another girl gang episode with my best friend Nakevia Miller. We’re talking about the journey and struggles of PCOS. Nakevia isn’t a diabetic but part of her reasons to get her PCOS in check has a lot to do with similar lifestyle changes. For her, and for many people diabetic or not, […]

The Sugarless Society with Lexie

Let’s get some perspective! In this episode I sit down with my first type 1 diabetic guest. Diagnosed at 10 years old, Lexie walks me through her journey growing up and managing her type 1, to her business and community mission today. We share a lot of laughs and some great info too.  KEY POINTS […]

Transforming Pain Into Purpose with Michelle Saya

Happy Diabetes awareness month everyone! We’re kicking things off by getting our hearts, minds, and souls in alignment with Michelle Saya. Michelle is an empath coach utilizing a combination of birth-chart and tarot readings to help fellow empaths find purpose in their business.  But as a fellow empath myself, I understand that it can be overwhelming […]

You’re Not Alone

A lot of moving pieces go into managing your diabetes and we know it can be overwhelming! Sign up for our newsletter for tips, resources, and podcast updates.