Month: March 2021

Hindsight Thoughts: Belief System

I’ve decided to finally name my solo episodes. Necessary? No, I just wanted to hehe. Welcome to Hindsight Thoughts! Every Tuesday you can expect to hear from me on what’s on my brain. Of course, they will always relate to our diabetic journey. We know that being a diabetic isn’t about the health side of […]

Self Compassion with Britt Olson

It’s the first guest of the season and it’s a special one! Britt Olson from the Loving Your Own Soul podcast and owner of Ambu Wellness is a dear friend and podcast sister. She was the first show that I got to be a guest on right before I launched season 1. She has been an amazing supporter […]

Resetting when you fall off

It happens. You’re doing well. You’re on track. Your numbers are good, then life happens. Work changes. Your city freezes for a week. You run out of meds. Your delivery apps get too much use. Everything you’ve worked for changes. Welcome back for another season! I’m excited to share some personal updates. Even more exciting? […]

You’re Not Alone

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