Month: April 2021

Her Life with MODY

Have you ever heard of MODY? My guess is probably not unless you’re living with it. Not to worry today’s guest Kylie is about to educate us all on MODY diabetes. She even shared some amazing resources to help everyone learn more. Be sure to check them out! KEY POINTS What exactly is MODY?  Life […]

Healing your spirit to heal your body

Let’s get lifted! Spiritually.. Happy 4/20 yall! Although I do support the cannabis movement in all forms, today’s episode is all about your spiritual health in connection with your body health. I share my journey and how I went through different practices to have a deeper connection with my soul and intuition. This might be […]

Dope Sh*t These Therapists Say

If you can’t tell already, mental health is a huge topic on the show. KEY POINTS Stress management and why it’s important Working with clients with chronic conditions How mental health directly affects the body Dope Sh*t Therapy Pod and plans for the future Find more at Connect with Lauren and Ryanne Listen to […]

Defeating Your Inner Critic

That inner critic loves to work overtime! We all have one. The voice that always ruins the party when we pass the dessert table. It pipes up when you wanna eat a burger. When you’re late tacking your meds or you need to correct your insulin dosage, it’s right there to remind you of what […]


It’s always nice to have a bae. On today’s episode, you got one! I’m excited that this week’s guest on Healing In Hindsight is the lovely Simone Moore aka Diabetes Bae. Not only is she a type 1 diabetic but a registered nurse as well. You know I had to take advantage of that. KEY […]

Dawn Phenomenon

You read the title right. In this episode, I break down what causes dawn phenomenon and different ways I try to keep my blood sugar stable throughout the night. As a new CGM owner, I don’t want my alarm going off right when I need to get sleep. Because as you know EVERYTHING can impact […]

You’re Not Alone

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