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Why everyone benefits from blood sugar management

Are you bad at managing your blood sugar?

Let me start by saying it’s ok. Well it’s not ok but I’m not judging you. Why? Well I’m still trying to get my blood sugar under control. I’m not afraid to say so. I didn’t start this site to gloat about how great I am about managing my diabetes. I did however want to shed some light on it so that others who are struggling know that it’s ok and to keep trying.

So what happens if your blood sugar gets out of control?

Well there are a couple of things that can happen.  If your blood sugar drops too low you could develop Hypoglycemia aka “the shakes”. If you’ve never experienced the shakes it’s like when you feel like you’re going to faint. Or that feeling when you get so hot that you just want to go to sleep. Typical a sugary drink will help to bring your sugar levels back up. The only problem is that if you’re not careful you may over do it. I know I’ve had a few moments where I started binge eating to get my  levels up and I ended up making myself sick.

What if it gets too high?

This is called hyperglycemia. I know right? Hypo, hyper? That’s not confusing at all. Without trying to get too scientific on you guys it’s basically when you don’t have enough insulin to process the amount of sugar in your blood. If this goes unchecked you could eventually end up in a diabetic coma. We definitely don’t want that.

As much as it doesn’t seem to affect you, it’s very important that you manage your blood sugar as best as you can. The type of complications that comes with poor blood sugar management is a lot worse then  simply checking yourself a few times a day and adjusting what you eat. Poor management could lead to more medication and the possibility of it being a permanent part of your life.

What are some experiences you’ve had with managing your blood sugar?  Have you had any complications? Feel free to share your thoughts below!