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Transforming Pain Into Purpose with Michelle Saya

Happy Diabetes awareness month everyone! We’re kicking things off by getting our hearts, minds, and souls in alignment with Michelle Saya. Michelle is an empath coach utilizing a combination of birth-chart and tarot readings to help fellow empaths find purpose in their business. 

But as a fellow empath myself, I understand that it can be overwhelming when you’re starting something new like a business or you’re newly diagnosed with something like diabetes. 


  • How Michelle started her journey as an empath coach
  • How birth-chart and tarot readings are powerful tools to help us navigate obstacles and be our optimal selves 
  • How to channel pain and overwhelming emotions into power 

In light of Diabetes awareness month, I felt it was important that we all check-in with ourselves. Your diagnosis doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s the beginning of going inward and learning deeply about yourself. Your diagnosis gives you power and Michelle is going to help us learn how. 

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Take her brand new quiz: What Empath Archetype Are You?   

Tune into her podcast: State of Being Podcast 

P.S There’s currently no insulin in Iran! Raise your voices!


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