Building a Type 2 Community with T’ara of Beyond type 2

With type 2 diabetes being so stigmatized, it can be difficult to find other people to connect with. The main reason why I started this show and my company is because I saw a gap in representation and community for those living with type 2 diabetes. Being diagnosed with it often comes with a lot of guilt and shame. It makes it hard for people to be open about their condition and share their experiences to others.

That’s where the Beyond Type 2 community comes it. It is a safe space to share your stories, tips, or anything else you can think of with those that understand to a degree what you’re going through. I sit down with Beyond Type 2’s Senior Community Manager T’ara to talk more about how it came to be. 


  • How Beyond T2 started
  • BT2 Community
  • The future of BT2


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