Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

What is type 2?

In short it basically is a condition where your body is becoming resistant to insulin (the stuff that helps move sugar into your blood cells) or it’s not making enough. Either way your body will need some form of assistance. For most of us diagnosed, that’s in the form of medication. I’m sure most of you know these things but it doesn’t hurt to cover the basics.

Why are there 2? Type 1 is a genetic disorder. The pancreas where your insulin is produced doesn’t put out much if at all. Because of this, those with type one have to manually take insulin. This disorder you can be born with whereas type 2 can happen at any age (although it’s affecting people younger every day with the rise of obesity in children). Being overweight can cause your pancreas to tire out and potentially overproduce insulin which means your cells are over-saturated. Add on top of that a diet of carbs and sweets I might as well be sugar. And when you’ve had too much to eat what do you typically do? Stop…except for holidays like thanksgiving where you just have to get in one more bite.

Your cells are stuffed with sugar. If you’re not making enough insulin it could be because you’ve already got so much in your system your body starts to reject it. Either way, too much sugar in your blood can cause a lot of damage to your body. Yes, you need it. If it’s not being used or there’s too much, your body struggles to function normally.

This is America

That’s where a lot of people in the US are at right now. Myself included.I’ve got a sweet tooth too? We’ve become so saturated with sugar that our bodies are starting to quit on us. I’m 30. I was diagnosed at 25 right before Christmas. Great present right? I’ve struggled over the years. Taking my meds. Watching family members struggle. Trying to eat better for the millionth time. The constant, “Oh let me get you salad you can’t have that” crap I’ve kind of just had it.

I miss being able to eat what I want but I’m pretty sure in my early college years I was burning off the sugar just as quickly as I ate it. Once I stopped being active and started working a full-time desk job, burning off all that excess sugar wasn’t happening.

So here I am, so sweet and full of sugar! I’m going to do what it takes to knock the sugar down a bit and just be naturally sweet. My life depends on it. Anyone else with me?

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