Work, Struggle, and the Pursuit of Job Freedom

Hey everyone!

Another year has passed and another change to the website and no new content. I know I know bad Taylor. I promise though (and I don’t like to make promises and not keep it) that I’m fully focused this time. Wow, I totally sound like a bad ex who wants one more chance haha.

Just to bring you up to speed I’ve had a LOT going on. For starters, I ended a 5-year relationship. It was hard and it was not pretty but it’s finally done. I also went through 3 jobs in 6 months. I did finally land on one that works for me for the time being. I lost my car and my finances are a mess; credit and all.

It takes more than that to discourage me

I didn’t let any of that stop me. My friend of 12 years moved across the states for a change and a chance. We live together now and although it isn’t perfect, I end my days thinking how lucky I am to have him. Sometimes I think I’m gonna wake up and it’s all a dream.

Despite my many hangups, I’ve really been working on me. I’ve met some great people. I’ve got some new motivations and dedications. I’m excited and I have so much that I want to share with you all. I hope you can forgive my absence. I hope you’ll trust me still. My mission has not changed. It’s only become stronger with an even bigger goal than before.

My Goal

I want this to be my everyday. I want to quit my job and know that every day what I do is affecting lives. I want to help you. I’m in this with you. I’m not perfect. My numbers are ok. My eating habits still need work and I struggle every day just like you. But together we can work to make permanent changes. I want to dedicate the time that I spend on something worth my time. I appreciate my day job I really do, but it’s not meant to be my permanent place.

My promise to you

We’re going to heal our bodies together: It’s going to take time, effort, and pure will to do it but we are going to do it!

We’re going to challenge the systems that try to keep us sick: We are accountable for making the right choices to ourselves well. However, we can’t ignore that we have been fighting an uphill battle. We need access to proper nutrition education. We need access to nutrient-dense foods that aren’t processed or altered. We need our doctors to focus on curing the diseases and actually treating PEOPLE, not symptoms. We need to tell our government that we can’t allow big businesses to manage our food systems without questioning every single ingredient that goes into their products. We’ve got to demand more. The way I see it, these entities work for me. My taxes and business fund these and so I have a right as the one funding their paycheck to receive quality care. You have a right as someone that makes their paycheck to know what you’re being fed and that it’s quality food.

We are going to heal ourselves: We are going to keep striving to beat diabetes. We are going to take back control of our health. No more excuses. No more waiting. No more “I’ll start tomorrow”. We start every day . fresh and we CAN make small changes to ensure that we live a longer healthier life.

Lets do this!


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