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Simple Things Every Diabetic Needs to Succeed

The Diabetic Arsenal 

Today I wanted to go over some things that every diabetic needs or could use on a day to day basis. Although this is catered to type 2, folks a lot of these can apply to type 1 as well!

The starter pack

These are items that all of us should keep on your person. Most of them are no-brainers, but it doesn’t hurt to highlight them.

    1. Medication

        A lot of the drugs that you take needs to be with food. If you’re like me and breakfast ends up being at your desk then you want to keep this on hand. Same for in the evenings. Sometimes I don’t always make it home for dinner but may end up grabbing something with friends or coworkers. You want to be sure that you can still take your meds on time.

    2. Glucose Meter

        Whether you’re a vet or a newbie, I suggest this for you as well. Why? Well, it helps to know where you are. You’d be surprised how much your blood sugar levels affect you. Ever been super cranky and you didn’t know why? Check your numbers. It very well could be a result of it. It also helps to keep track of where you are throughout the day especially before and after meals. Doing this is important if you’re just starting out.

    3. Journal/App 

        A journal is great to keep track of your numbers. It helps you to see where you’re consistent. It’s also helpful for your doctor as well. I mainly use an app but as a stationery nerd, it would be a lie to say I don’t write it down too. The current app I use is Sugar Sense by MedHelp. It’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can set reminders, document what meds you take, and it even exports your report so you can print them out and bring them to your doctor. It’s a great looking app, and there’s a lot it can do.

    4. Hard Candy and Juice

        I’m sure the eyebrows are up right now. Having these items is more for emergencies. Let’s face it, life happens. You get caught up on a project at work and lunch comes and goes. The kids are running wild, and you’ve got to get them handled before you can have even a minute of quiet. You’ve got that big exam coming up, and you studied all night, but you’re running late to get to class. Life happens.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t stop for that. Food is our fuel, our gas for our cars. What happens when a car runs out of gas? It’s the same for your body. Sugar is needed. It’s what helps to provide us energy. But if we’re not putting anything in the tank how can we expect to get very far? All that to say that the juice and hard candy are to help get some sugar in your system to tie you over until you can eat.  You suck on the hard candy when you feel hungry but can’t get to food right away. The juice is for when you’re past that point and the shakes set in. Liquids get into your blood a lot faster than food. Try not to gulp it all down at once. Just keep sipping until you start to feel the sugar.

Now these are just the basics. There’s a lot of different ways to get yourself setup for success. We’ll go over that later 🙂

What are some things that you keep on hand? Share below!