My Recent Struggles

Hello all!

It’s been a while since the website update and relaunch of the site. I had expectations that were originally dreamt up. I would post once a week. Then life happened and the struggles have been very real.

My full time job ended sooner than expected. The hunt for a new one began and after 3 weeks, a new one was obtained. The sad thing is that it didn’t last long either. A week to be exact. I’m still on the search for a steady paycheck. I’ve had a few promising interviews but I’m not holding my breath until I get an offer and I’m there longer than a few weeks.

The struggles continue…

You would think this is the perfect time to knock out some writing right? However, on top of professional struggles there have been a few personal ones too. Putting out all these fires left me a little depleted and uninspired. I hadn’t reached very many people anyways. Who would miss it?


I made a commitment and I plan is to keep it. This blog is not only my way of helping others but it’s for myself as well. I need to keep myself accountable for maintaining my diabetes naturally. This is one of the most important things that I must do for myself.

So moving forward, I’m going to be sure to post something once a week. Whether it will be a personal post or anything else, I’m going to commit to writing something.

Thank you for hanging with me this far.

All the best!


How to Avoid Overeating

A big struggle with diabetes and trying to eat healthier is the amount that you eat. Trying to avoid overeating is important not only for your blood sugar but weight management as well. Keeping a healthy weight is just as important as managing your blood sugar. It’s even worse when you’ve eaten, but you still feel hungry. By the time you satisfy that hunger, you’re doubled over on the couch, and not even a wheel barrel can move you. Can we say Thanksgiving dinner? Check out some tips on how to avoid overeating!


Avoid carb heavy appetizers


Chips n Salsa, bread, potato skins…sound familiar? Just a few of your standard appetizers that you find at restaurants and dinner parties. Carbs expand once you’ve eaten them. They make you feel full faster. To avoid overeating, go for something lighter like a salad, veggies with dip,  veggie chips and much more. Bottom line, keep the filling stuff for the main course.


Drink Water Between Bites


This tip has been around for years, but it’s still relevant! Water helps you get full faster. Try to avoid sodas because the empty calories will not satisfy you even though you get full. You end up overeating because your body will still crave nutrients that you need from food. By drinking water, you not only keep yourself hydrated, but it helps flush your system too.


Don’t Overload Your Plate, Use a Smaller One


Your eyes are your biggest deceivers. You’re going to look at that big plate and feel obligated to fill it up. Then there’s the part where you eat it…all. Why? Because mom always said to clean your plate. My mom is the face of finish your food. She does not like anything to go to waste. Easy fix! Use a smaller plate. Seriously. When you use a smaller plate, not only are you cutting down the portion size, but your eyes send a message that says “hey this is a lot of food!” By the time you finish, you may find that you’re full.


Small Bites. Chew Slow.


The French nailed this one! Both of these combined gives your body time to register to your brain how satisfied you are. This also allows you to ENJOY your food. When’s the last time you’ve enjoyed what you ate? Or when you ate too fast, and you were sad it was over? Take your time. If you cooked it yourself or someone cooked it for you, what better compliment than to relish in what was created? Treat yo’self!


No Distractions When You Are Eating


If you take anything away from this post, it’s this. The best way (in my opinion) to avoid overeating is to stop eating when you’re distracted. This one I’m still trying to get down. Turn off the TV, get away from your desk, and put away your phone. You are more likely to overeat when distracted than you would with your family. Eat with your significant other or your friends. Even if you eat alone, enjoy the peace. Play some calming music while you do. I like to think of myself as a sophisticated Italian woman who can go to a restaurant and eat alone with confidence. I mean sure the glass of wine will help but even so! Enjoy this time with yourself. You’re more likely to acknowledge when you’re full than if you’re in front of the TV or computer. When you’re distracted, you’re not aware of what you’re doing. That’s how you end up on the couch doubled over.

Listen to your body!!

This is a tough one even for me but please please PLEASE hear me when I say this: listen to your body. It’s challenging at first I know. You will get better though you just have to keep trying. When you start to feel that sensation of fullness, ask yourself: am I full or am I eating because I know I can finish? It’s ok to say that you’ve had enough. To go boxes and reusable food containers are real. Put it up and save it for next time.

I’m sure you guys get it now. By applying these tips, you’ll be able to listen to your body and know the signals for when you’re satisfied. You never want to eat yourself into a coma. It’s joked about a lot, but it’s not to be taken seriously.


What are some ways you keep from overeating? Feel free to share below!



How to Control Your Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar

If there is one thing that I could say can be tricky about type 2 diabetes, it’s how to control your blood sugar. It’s as if there is an art to it in the beginning. It’s like fine tuning an instrument or radio station where there’s no static. When you need to control your blood sugar, it seems like it’s a daunting task. I mean come on there’s sugar in EVERYTHING. So how can you control your blood sugar and keep it at normal levels?


Understand carbohydrates

I don’t necessarily mean that you need to count every single one (keeping track does help I won’t lie), but if you understand how carbs affect your sugar levels, it can make food decisions a lot easier. The way I did this is I went to see a nutritionist. She provided me with a lot of great information about understanding carbs and the average amount that our bodies need to function. I will do a dedicated post on this later.

Know the many faces of sugar

A lot of people don’t realize that sugar has many different names. You’d be surprised what’s actually in a lot of those “sugar-free” items at the store. To control your blood sugar, it’s best to know how much sugar is actually in what you’re eating. It may say there are only 10 grams (carbs included) but be sure to check the ingredients list as well. You’ll find all the added sugars listed there. That’s why you see a lot of food items labeled with “No Added Sugar” because someone realized “Hey if there’s no sugar, how the heck is it still so sweet?!”

Limit the Sweet stuff after 2 pm.

It takes your body quite a while to process sugar. We already know what too much of it can do. To control your blood sugar, it helps to limit when you have sugar. Again we know sugar is in everything whether it’s in the form of actual sugar or carbs. Do your best to limit the amount that you intake after 2 pm. This way your body already has a jump start on processing the sugar already in your system. Team that up with your meds and 8 hours of sleep and your blood sugar in the morning should level.

Water, water, WATER

Listen I am the WORST about drinking water. My tongue has developed such a palette for delicious sweet drinks that the idea of liquid nothing makes me sad. But one must do what one must do. Keeping your system flushed helps control your blood sugar because it’s getting rid of any excess. You want your body to use what it needs and get rid of the rest. Of course, infused water is a huge help but do be mindful if you use fruit. Try to limit the fruits and veggies you use to those with low sugar.


Discipline and Consistency

As you can see, there are a lot of different things that you can do to control your blood sugar. None of that matters if you don’t hold yourself accountable and stay consistent. Don’t worry I’m still trying to get it down because let’s face it life happens. We can’t predict what’s going to happen every day. What we can do is formulate a plan to get through it no matter what is thrown at us and make wise choices on the things we eat and drink.


What are some ways you control your blood sugar? Share your tried and true methods below!