The Strive for 6.5

Ok folks so here’s the deal. I started my 90 journey on July 1st. Of course the week of a major holiday where food and alcohol are plentiful. That’s ok. I see it as an opportunity to really test myself in live situations. One thing that I needed to get an update on is my current A1C. Well the results are in..

Drum roll please….

I’ll admit not my proudest moment. Clearly I’ve been slacking on consistently getting my numbers checked. Part of it, I didn’t have insurance at one point. I had literally bounced around 3 jobs in a 6 month period. It was a real rough patch for me. But I realize now that it was simply the universe breaking me down for something bigger and better. None the less, I seriously need to get my shit together. Thus my 90 day journey.

If you’re not familiar with these numbers and terms, here’s a quick crash course.

Average Glucose = How much sugar is floating around in my blood. Normal range is between 70 -130 mg/dl.

Glycohemoglobin aka A1C test = percentage of sugar in my blood. Normal range is between 3.5 – 5.6

Basically my blood sugar levels determine what my A1C is. When I was first diagnosed, my numbers were through the roof! My second test was a lot better and that’s when I was taking my medication. The most recent test? Combination of self management and medication. Here’s the thing, the first 2 tests were ordered from one doctor and my recent one another. My first doctor who diagnosed me, basically said, “hey you’re 25 and we caught this early, take this pill and you’re good. Throw in some lifestyle changes and this may be all you need!”

Not exactly excited to hear that doc.

So with my new doctor, I spoke up. I told her that I really don’t want to be on my meds because of the long term side affects. I’ve been trying to manage my bsl (blood sugar levels, not bra strap length for my naturals out there) on my own with my nutrition. I don’t want to be on medication. Although her tone was a little patronizing, she gave me the realist answer I couldn’t argue with. In a nutshell, “Taylor take your meds. We can’t even begin to think about weening you off if we don’t get your numbers down. Your body is not functioning the way it’s supposed to and these meds are going to help remind it how it’s supposed to operate. Get your numbers to 6.5 and we can start talking.”

I totally get it. I’ve even said so myself. I think that medication is great as training wheels. I don’t think that medication is something that we need to stay on. Most doctors are just drug dealers because they don’t really have the time to help their patients. Their are so many that large clinics just keep piling people in. It’s sad but it’s true. So to finally hear someone say to me, get your life together and we can get you off your meds, meant a lot.

But why 6.5?

Normal range is 5.6. Well, 6.5 is a pre-diabetic state. Currently, my meds are calibrated for full on diabetes. So in order to bring that down, I gotta get to 6.5. I have an appointment this week to get my updated prescription. As much as I don’t want to, I will follow as prescribed. But make no mistake that my goal is to get my numbers consistent. My next lab is September and when that 6.5 comes up, I’m going to look my doctor in the eyes and tell her, “So about coming off these meds..”

Are your numbers looking the same as mine? Join me for the next 90 days to strive for 6.5. We can do this people! We can beat this. But it starts with you deciding in your mind and in your heart, enough is enough. Be sure to follow me on instagram. I’ll be posting my numbers through out the day and tracking my workouts too. Lets keep each other accountable and really push to make daily changes to our lives. Be sure to drop the hashtag #striveto6.5

We can be diabetes free! Drop a comment below if you’re with me!

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