The more you know

Ever google a symptom that you’re experiencing and then have a complete meltdown? I’ve been there. But please know that the internet can be too vast sometimes so it helps to get the run down from your doctor first and maybe some friendly internet-hood folks like myself who can share their experiences.

I’ve documented my experience from symptoms, diagnosis, and everything I’ve learned since.

But remember, hit up your doctor first. Everything I share is based on my experience and it might be different for you. 

What is Metformin And How Is It Affecting Your Body?

One of the common medications used for type 2 folks is Metformin (Glucophage). It’s intended to help the liver stop producing as much sugar. It tells the cells that have become resistant to insulin “Hey it’s ok! They’re good for it let’em in.” That way
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The Best and Worst Times to take metformin

Please note that this particular post is about my personal experience with metformin. All information provided is not a medical diagnosis or treatment. Please seek a medical professional before attempting anything. Why is Timing Important for Metformin? One of the things about taking metformin for
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Why everyone benefits from blood sugar management

Are you bad at managing your blood sugar? Let me start by saying it’s ok. Well it’s not ok but I’m not judging you. Why? Well I’m still trying to get my blood sugar under control. I’m not afraid to say so. I didn’t start
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Simple Things Every Diabetic Needs to Succeed

The Diabetic Arsenal  Today I wanted to go over some things that every diabetic needs or could use on a day to day basis. Although this is catered to type 2, folks a lot of these can apply to type 1 as well! The starter
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Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

What is type 2? In short it basically is a condition where your body is becoming resistant to insulin (the stuff that helps move sugar into your blood cells) or it’s not making enough. Either way your body will need some form of assistance. For
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How to prepare yourself after being diagnosed

Prepare yourself by getting clarity « It’s important to understand the information that your doctor is providing you. If you’re unsure of the terms that they’re using ask them what it means. They’re not going to know what you want to know unless you tell
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