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Hey friends,

Healing In Hindsight™ is a weekly show for millennial diabetics sharing challenges, perspectives, and lifestyle hacks to lower your A1c without making drastic lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed or still struggling to find balance, trust me, I know it can feel overwhelming but you’re not alone. My goal is to provide you with easy to implement changes. I share my own journey of lowering my A1c while having some great convos with some pretty cool people.

From mindset to nutrition, even sex, I talk about it all. No filters. No censors. Just real talk.

I’m all about perspective, compassion, and education. It doesn’t have to mean giving up drinks with friends or dreading family dinners.

Whether you’re type 2 like me or type 1, all are welcome to kick it and chat.

Love & Respect,

Taylor Daniele

This show is for

Doesn’t matter if you’re type 1 or type 2. This show is all about building a community of our peers to learn from and advocate for. 

Learn different ways to adjust your environment that produce progress not stress.

To help each other we have to listen to each other. You’ll hear different perspectives and ideas but remember it’s all about what works best for you.

Funny and raw. Each episode is like talking with a trusted friend(s) over coffee or whiskey depending on the mood.

Those who aren’t afraid to talk about hard shit. This journey isn’t easy and sometimes it gets messy. 

Meet your host

Taylor Daniele

At 25 I was diagnosed with one of the top 10 deadliest diseases in the world.

After dropping out of college and entering the adulting world, I barely paid attention to my health. I didn’t really think about how my choices would affect me. A fews years of  no sleep, partying, binge drinking, and living in the drive thru, it all caught up to me. I finally took notice of some strange things happening with my body. Ok more like I started fainting, constantly thirsty, I couldn’t sleep through the night, and my favorite, running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I decided it was time to pay the doc a visit. After a few tests, the reality of my health reared its head: I have type 2 diabetes.


Dallas-Fort Worth


Dogs, queso, whiskey, tequila, tech shit, video games, art, binge watching anime and home renovation shows


Bad communication, spiders, stairs, inconsiderate people, asking a question without checking/looking/or googling first.

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