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Healing in Hindsight™ is my open book.

I've failed a lot. Like more than I really want to admit. Putting yourself out there is hard when you feel like you don't have anything to offer. The internet rules all. I felt like no one wanted to hear about a millennial who has an invisible disease only to find out they still have it. 

Trust me I get it. You go to a website or instagram page and you're only seeing the other side. They're already successful. They've got the following, the clout, the money, you get where I'm going with this.

But even so I still kept returning to this idea that someone out there needed to share the "during" part. How many times did I see all of these success stories but I couldn't relate?

Where did the real people go?

Am I the only one who struggles with introductions? What happened to those awkward moments of trying to introduce yourself ? I’ll roll with the awkwardness, hi I’m Taylor Daniele™. You landed on this page to learn more about me right?  


Fun fact: I’ve always hated the  “tell me more about yourself” question. I never know what people want to know. In my mind I’m like, “why can’t you ask specifics?!” 
Truth is talking about myself is hard. I’m a 30 year old training and support professional. I’ve always found myself in the space to talk about others and how I can help them, not making it about me but I’ll give it a go. 
I’m a trainer and facilitator at heart. I love helping people come to that aha! moment when they’re trying to learn something new. I’m your biggest cheerleader and I tend to care about people probably more than I should. I want to be the person everyone likes but I’m ok not being liked. Respect over everything. I want to learn and do all the things. Why do I have to be skilled at 1 thing? Can’t I try them all? So I do. I’ve worked in several different industries but they’ve always been in customer support.  
I love tech, gaming (ESO anyone?), anime (my mom is from Asia), and I won’t make you read an entire list of food I love, because I. Love. Food. Especially the sweet stuff (heeeey cheesecake). I’m super goofy and sometimes dream of being an actress or stand up comedian. I think I’m funny at least.
I’ve struggled with my health but my battle with type 2 diabetes is my biggest challenge yet. I’m far from perfect.
I’m not out of the woods. It’s hard. Juggling being a young professional, being social, and wanting to travel and see the world makes being a diabetic feel like a hole I can never get out of. I’m trying to live my best life right?
But I’ll keep pushing. I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep shedding light on this disease. It’s not talked about enough. Diabetes seems like one of those things where you pop some pills and keep it moving. That’s not what I want. Do you?
That’s me in short. That’s why I’m here. I started this journey not sure what to do. I tried to follow what everyone else was doing and that sucked too. It’s not me. It’s not real. I want you know sometimes I binge on cookie dough ice cream when I’ve had a bad day. I want you to know that sometimes I feel like I’ve done everything right and will still take my blood sugar and see 200. Because if you can’t see the struggles then how can I ever push you to aim for success?
It starts with me and I hope one day with you start too.

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Medicine to me is like training wheels. You only use them until you are able to ride your bike on your own. You don't keep them on forever. So why accept having to take medicine forever? We are all more than able to live full healthy lives without needing medicine. Let it be your fail safe, not your crutch.