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I'm Taylor Daniele

PODCAST HOST, Live streamer & Everyones favorite blasian

At my core, I like to think of myself as a creative force trying to make my own space. Healing In Hindsight focuses on the experience of being a millennial with diabetes.

Fueled by equal parts milk tea and passion, I’m all about the exploration of life and all the perspectives that you see along the way.

I believe in real moments and heartfelt conversations with an edge. Being a diabetic hasn’t stopped me from striving for all the things I want. It shouldn’t stop you either. I’m goofy as hell and want you along for my crazy ride.

I have worked with health and wellness organizations like Beyond Type 1, Beyond Type 2, Healthline.com, and the Almost30 Podcast.

Consider me your tough love soundboard and motivation bestie.

by the numbers

Healing in Hindsight focuses on the experience of being a diabetic as a millennial. Hosted by Taylor Daniele™, she shares her diagnosis, struggles, and everyday learnings while trying to navigate modern living. It’s a space of community, compassion, and understanding to let others know they’re not alone.

With special guests from all walks of life, Healing In Hindsight seeks to share different ways to stabilize blood sugar levels, enjoy the foods you love, and not allow your diagnosis to take over your life. 



43 minutes





Unique Listeners

Our Audience

Safe space for all diabetics

Our audience is between the ages of 25-34. They’re listening mostly from the US with India, Canada, and the UK close behind. There’s a deep interest in mental health, spiritual health, and intuitive eating.  

Our listeners want to have a life where diabetes is apart of them but it isn’t who they are.  They want to be able to do things like anyone else and know that there are products and services that work with their diagnosis and not against it. 

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How to Book

If you’d like to partner with Healing In Hindsight™ please reach out and schedule a time to connect and discuss how your product and service aligns with us. 

Be A Guest

Interested in being on the show?

Healing In Hindsight is open to the stories of diabetics (no matter what type) diabetic caretakers, as well as products and services that support the community. Let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit!

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