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Ep.326 Diabetics Doing Things

Ep. 010 Cara The Great Full Girl

welcome friends

I'm Taylor Daniele

PODCAST HOST, Livestreamer & everyones favorite blasian

Fueled by equal parts milk tea and passion, I’m all about the exploration of life and all the perspectives that you see along the way.

I believe in real moments and heartfelt conversations with an edge. Being a diabetic hasn’t stopped me from striving for all the things I want. It shouldn’t stop you either. 

I’m goofy as hell and want you along for my crazy ride.

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One thing that has been a key for me in managing my diabetes in a way that’s best for me, is engaging …

Negative thoughts and beliefs can impact your diabetes treatment 🤯 How you administer it. How you make choices. Even how you view diabetes. Often times these 4 common beliefs come from outside sources. When these thoughts run rampant they can cause extreme damage. In this weeks Hindsight thoughts podcast episode, I talk about how you can adjust negative beliefs to positive ones that don't cause extreme changes or sacrifice. I personally have experienced these particular 4. I've seen how they've hurt me and others in the community. My hope is that you'll be able to combat these beliefs that have nothing to do with yourself, diagnosis, or treatment.

We all know that finding products that fit our diabetic needs an be a challenge. Even more so when we start moving …

Did you miss me? Season 4 is here! I'm so happy to be back. I've got some updates and amazing new guests this season. As I've started getting better about managing my diabetes something that's been a challenge is working out. Or rather joyful movement as I've been trying to put it. So to kick things off I share how I've manage the highs and lows (literally) of working out.

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