The Strive to Conquer Type 2

I thought I was on the right track to getting healthy. I thought I was doing ok with my eating. I knew I could afford to lose a few. I did fad diets but they never lasted. Saved hundreds of articles, pins, and pages on being in better health but never really got the discipline down. Spent money on gym memberships that I barely went to. Then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 25 and thought that was my wake up call but still to this day I continue to struggle. 

But I'm not giving up yet.

where it all began.

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I don't want to be on medication the rest of my life just to live. Everyday it seems that prescription medicine does more harm than good. So here I am, struggling to get a handle on my health but I keep fighting because I know that diabetes can be beaten. It's type 2 for a reason. I'm here to beat it and look damn good doing it too. 
If I've only got one life to live, then I want it to be the life that I want. 

Diabetes for life is simply not an option.

here's the thing...

about Me