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3 tips that help me stay in range with my CGM

A common phrase that comes up in the CGM world is “time in range”.  As someone who has been using a CGM for less than a year, it quickly became a number that is almost more important than my quarterly A1C. On today’s episode, I share 3 tips that have helped me stay in range as long as possible. ** As always this show is for general information and is based on my personal experience. Always consult your medical team before trying anything that is mentioned. I’m not a doctor. Find more at CONNECT WITH THE SHOW SUPPORT THE SHOW Healing in Hindsight™ is managed by host Taylor Daniele™ and Produced by We Are 8 Studios This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn – Chartable –



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My core belief is that you can carve your own path. Unafraid to stand in the gap, I started Healing In Hindsight™ after noticing that there weren’t many millennials of color that I could connect with. Being of black and thai descent, I was diagnosed at 25 with type 2 diabetes. I found the transition into managing my condition difficult. My hope is to have thoughtful conversations about how anyone living with diabetes can thrive by finding a way to manage that fits them.

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