Managing Blood Sugar

In this episode, I want to talk about something that’s for everybody. Honestly, I know that this podcast is mostly circled around type two diabetics and our community and how we can help each other. 

But in this episode, I wanted to talk about a universal theme that can benefit literally anybody and that is managing your blood sugar levels. It’s not just for diabetics. Everybody can benefit from it. We’re going to talk about it along with a few things that inspired me to learn more about it from the eyes of a non-diabetic.


I know you may not be a diabetic but take it from Kelly Leveque 

  • How I discovered her
  • What I’ve learned from reading her book and learning how we interact with blood sugar levels all the time 
  • What I’d like to explore more with her podcast and fundamentals program  

 Keto or nah

  • My struggles with keto but I learned a lot
  • Cooking is hard — not because I can’t
  • Anime can help you learn

Pay attention to your blood sugar

  • Avoid diabetes
  • Better energy and moods 

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Healing in Hindsight is edited and managed by host Taylor Daniele™



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My core belief is that you can carve your own path. Unafraid to stand in the gap, I started Healing In Hindsight™ after noticing that there weren’t many millennials of color that I could connect with. Being of black and thai descent, I was diagnosed at 25 with type 2 diabetes. I found the transition into managing my condition difficult. My hope is to have thoughtful conversations about how anyone living with diabetes can thrive by finding a way to manage that fits them.

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