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Diabetics Doing Things with Rob Howe

Rob Howe is a fellow Texan, basketball player, and he also lives with type 1 diabetes. Despite the challenges that diabetes can bring, Rob had an amazing medical team and support system to remind him that he can do anything he wanted to. Today he is an entrepreneur and diabetes advocate. Although his resume is […]

How to accept yourself

I’m sick of living a life that other people have told me I should live. Today I want to talk about self-acceptance, but not just your physical appearance or how much money you make – it’s more than that. It’s accepting yourself as a person in general because we’re all unique individuals with our own […]

Get on PAR with Alicia O’Neal

Alicia O’Neal refers to herself as a small-town girl, with a heart for the big city. With seven years of experience researching chronic diseases, working in hospitals, clinics, and NIH-funded labs, teaching, and learning about nutrition & health, she’s found her way into working with people on everyone’s favorite subject: weight loss. While working on her […]

Diabetes Unsensored with Sarah & Taja

We all think about certain subjects as taboo. Add a chronic condition and things can get a little complicated. But who do we talk to about it? Should we? Well, today’s guests Taja and Sarah from Diabetes Unsensored are here to say “yes”! We discuss KEY POINTS  The challenges with body image and feeling sensual […]

The Diabetic Travelers Network

Diagnosed at a very early age Julie has always known life with diabetes. As she got older she wanted to experience the world. She learned that traveling as a diabetic to other countries could be overwhelming but it didn’t have to be. From her experience traveling to over 28 countries, she created the Diabetic Travelers […]

You’re Not Alone

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